Mumbai Escorts Female Model SOnali Sharma Share Your Feeling

hi my name is tulasi ram my age is 38 years From Mumbai Escorts i have wife she’s name is padma and i have son he’s name is vamsi and i have daughter- in-law she’s name is latha my son marriage is love marriage first i am not agree to marry to latha because she’s family is very poor me my family is very one of top rich family in my city that’s why in that time my son attempt to suicide after i agree to marry to latha but i am not like to latha i am doing 10 different types of business my main business is real estate buying and selling plot’s&buildings every year my birth day celebrating very rich in that day i called all my family members and all my workers and giving bonus to my workers and giving gold ring to
my family members i celebrate my birth day like this this year also celebrating my birth day compare to more because i am going to 40th year this year also.

Escorts Mumbai i called all family members and workers they seeing me and telling sir you really looking still young compare to your son like this all giving complements to me this year i am going 50% bonus to my workers and each my family members i am giving a car to us like this i celebrating my birth day all are giving good complements to me birth day celebrating is over next day my business is down fall i am not getting any profits in my business i don’t no why i am getting loss in my business all business going to loss like this position is going to minimum 3 months i am coming to the road like this my business going down my son seeing a construction business this filed also we not getting any orders and some company asking to cancel orders also i don’t to why they are thinking like this my company share value also coming down 100 rs to 45 rs like
Mumbai Escorts Service this in that time my wife suggest please you must called one pundit and ask to him my son and my doughtier-in-law also suggest to me i agree next day i called one famous pundit in my city his name is shanmukha sasthry he is very brilliant and famous in astrology he came to my house i welcomed him and all my family members taken blessing to him after my wife given my jodic to pundit he seen my jodic after he ask all my family members jodics in that time i ask why pundit your asking all my family jodics tulasi ram you must do what i am say not ask any question to me in that time padma went to pooja room she take all jodic and given to pundit he taken and seen a my family members jodic also after he ask tulasi ram last month you purchase one old building wright yes pundit your telling is correct i purchase one old building but i am bis mental that building in that place i am construction a new building in that place why you asking to pundit tulasi ram you not ask any question to me i agree to pundit after pundit called me and asking tulasi ram in that place on small temple also their what about that when pundit asking about the temple i shocked because how pundit no this i thinking in my mind in that time once again pundit asking me in that time i told yes pundit your telling is correct one small temple is their but that temple is not their in that place Call Girls in Mumbai i am only told remove that temple because when temple is their we are not getting to construction to new building that’s why i told remove that and constrict the new building in that place why pundit asking this tulasi ram do you no which god in that removing temple i am don’t no pundit ji ok listen tulasi ram in that temple is very famous but the temple is very small that’s why people doesn’t no about that temple int that temple is goddess laxmi devi temple that’s why goddess laxmi devi is angry with fire to your family and business when listen this all my family members shocked.